Look for Quality and Fair Competitive Oil Pricing

flame-871136_640Utility companies compete for your business by offering fixed fuel oil rates. When you sign on the dotted line, this locks in the most affordable price. These fixed prices are generally in effect for one year and then research starts all over again for the most affordable price for the next year. This fixed price neither goes up or down, but the price stays where it is when you sign up for the program.

There is a minor difference between a capped rate and a fixed rate plan. The good thing about the capped type of plan is that the highest price is locked in and will never go any higher, yet if the price of oil per barrel goes down customers benefit with this lower price and price sets at a per gallon rate, and a lower than the market price. At any rate, if a customer cancels any program there will likely be a penalty of a few hundred dollars, so make sure the plan is appealing.

control-571145_640Look for companies who have been in business for a number of years with a winning record of accomplishment in customer satisfaction, honesty, an up front policy, superior service and price. The company picked needs to offer training and experienced staff, who can express to customers all the available payment programs. The company needs to promptly answer all calls and be at the disposal of customers for emergencies.

Once the research is completed it is easy signing up for service on the Internet, but all reputable oil companies warn positional customers to be aware of cheap oil price claims. It is frustrating to search around for the best oil company due to all of the advertisements on television and in the news media.

accounting-761599_640While oil companies desire for heating costs to decrease and hope that someday they will be lower, avoid those companies claiming to offer the lowest oil prices around. The company’s web site needs to bear the stamp of approval from the Better Business Bureau and possibly Angie’s List. Check customer reviews and weigh the negative and positive reviews about the company.

Be careful and certain that when you enter in all of your personal data online that the website is secure and PCI compliant. Unlike contracts, good for one year, there are companies that do not insist upon contracts, have no hidden fees and no enticing benefits to make customers pick their company.

These types of oil companies are the icing on the cake!